Professionalism, Transparency, Team work and Long term Relationships with our Clients for providing High quality Real estate Projects with Maximum Equity.

About Us

After spending years as real estate investors we decided to become entrepreneurs. We learned and did real estate transactions in Israel, then specialized in real estate abroad. We’ve established crews in the US which consist of realtors, general contractors, CPA, and a Law firms. Together we have been working on new construction & Buy Fix and Sell transactions, which provide our clients high equity in short time.

Locate assets in USA

Finding under market value properties, renovating and selling them for making high profit and new construction projects. We work with our crews on buy fix sell/hold deals according to our clients needs.

The highest value

It’s not money only. The company specializes in short term deals. The property is bought under the client’s name and we make our profits when the investors make theirs, when it is sold. Our main goal is to enable our clients a nice and relaxing experience throughout the investing process.

Cooperation and transparency

Establishing long term relationships between us and our clients is a high priority for us. We find our clients high equity deals, keep them posted during the entire process and share all details with them so they will want to reinvest and work with us again in the future.

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